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The market of medicinal plants opens in Maragha

With the advent of the harvest season for edible and medicinal plants, a market was established in Maragha for the supply of these plants.

Many plants that are peeled from nature in spring are sold in this market. Sugarcane, snow leopard, butterbur, herring, Gulaga and elk are the best-selling plants in this market.

These plants, which are used in food, also have many medicinal properties.

Thousands of plants grow on the plateaus of Sahand Mountain, 60 of which are used for food. Every year, with the establishment of this market, many people have jobs. The market has 33 rooms and employs 50-60 people.

Against the dangers of corona, it is important to wash these plants well before eating.

The plant market, which opened 15 days late this year, will last until the end of Khurdad.

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